I've always loved being outside.

Whether playing in the woods, staring at the mountains, watching sunset colors, or running around looking for that next adventure, I feel in my element when I'm in nature. I get so much joy from the mountains.

After six years of hiking and two years of outdoor climbing, I realized I was traveling places others didn’t see often. While I enjoyed taking photos with my phone, i wanted to capture more than I was to show the beauty of these places.  I dreamed of capturing the stars and wide open views, the sweeping hills and sheer size of mountains, things you can't capture well with a phone. So, I bought my first camera and started taking it everywhere with me, constantly practicing my new passion.

This last year, I started thinking differently about taking photos.

Instead of waiting for a beautiful scene to present itself while outdoors, I planned trips around weather, astro events, and seasons in order to capture better images. This hard work has paid off, and I'm able to capture images of beautiful places that most people only dream of.

Looking forward, I want to share my love of the outdoors and my experiences that bring me so much exhilaration. Inspiring others to get outside and find their own adventure makes all my work worth it.

I would love to hear how my work has inspired you! Connect with me on social media or send me a message here.